Recke 22 Mini NFC PVC Karten Zelda Breath of the Wild BOTW für Switch und Wii U


Product Description

Note: The Standard Size New 4 Cards data is repeated, Just different patterned.

         The Mini Size NEW Style 22 cards data is Not repeating.

"Wolf Link 20 hearts ❤ save can use immediately"

001. 1X 8 Bit Link

002. 1X Breath of the Wild Archer Link

003. 1X Breath of the Wild Bokoblin

004. 1X Breath of the Wild Guardian

005. 1X Breath of the Wild Rider Link

006. 1X Breath of the Wild Zelda

007. 1X Majora's Mask Fierce Deity Link

008. 1X Ocarina of Time Link

009. 1X Skyward Sword Link

010. 1X Super Smash Bros Ganondorf

011. 1X Super Smash Bros Link

012. 1X Super Smash Bros Sheik

013. 1X Super Smash Bros Toon Link

014. 1X Super Smash Bros Zelda

015. 1X Twilight Princess Wolf Link - 20 HEARTS SAV

016. 1X Wind Waker Toon Link

017. 1X Wind Waker Toon Zelda

018. 1x Twilight Princess Zelda

019. MIPHA

020. DARUK



"20 heart wolf save can use immediately "

Standard Size:Leather Holder Bag

Card Size:  8.5 * 5.4cm

Packing:   22pcs/set
Note:   It is applicable to all versions of Switch and Wii U.
All 22 NFC Amiibo cards for Breath of the Wild: 100% TESTED and 100% GUARANTEED.These cards work just like the amiibo and all 22 cards will give you in game gear and daily items. Do not overpay for your amiibo if all you Want are the daily rewards, go with the card instead! The card is the same size as a business card so you can laminate or put in a sleeve to carry with you.

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